About Me

Oh hello there.. I see you’ve made it to my About Me page. This must mean you’re looking for an escape from the relentless face punching modern society gives to us on a daily basis.

I understand. Everything in the media lately seems to be full of negative overreactions to the most minor occurrences. You’ve come to the right place Mr (or Mrs.. How dare I assume gender)! In fact, it was my own annoyance of the negativity out there that got me pursuing this endeavor. Creating an escape for people to:

  • Read quirky articles about finding a more positive mindset.
  • Laugh at zany comics about simply not giving a hoot.
  • Follow along with the interesting and fun challenges I create.
  • Learn about that new exciting hobby you’ve been interested in for years.
  • Find a super cozy new t-shirt emblazoned with my own personal artwork.
  • And so on..

My Intent

Anxiety, depression, and all things mental health related are plaguing this little blue orb that we float around on and call home. Sometimes we just need an escape from this and have a good laugh, or slow nod moment.

Hopefully, by hanging around with me for awhile, you can gain a sense that the world isn’t as damned as it seems. You can cleanse your soul from the doomy gloomies by learning how to ignore negative energy and Just Shrug your way to a happier lifestyle.

But Hoooow?… Just Tell ME!!

Okay relax.. It’s a good question!

Here’s the answer. To get to happy you must start feeling good. To get to feeling good I’ll create fun and kooky content, in my own fun and kooky way. Content that makes you smile, and in turn makes you feel the happies. Let it be by following my daily challenges here, reading my comics here, looking at my artwork on tees here, or following my articles that put things into a different perspective here. There’s bound to be something on this site that tickles your fancy.

At times, I’ll be a little unorthodox and will likely use some offensive language. If this does actually offend you, well, suck it up! Just shrug, as you’re clearly missing the point of this website. It’s fine though, you’ll come around eventually, and learn to adopt the not giving a shit attitude I’ve personally come to love.

Why Should We Listen To YOU?!

Another good question! Look at YOU go.

I may not be a certified doctor type, but I have been through a lot in my most recent years. By being through all the crazy stuff that I’ve endured – I’ve learned that there are a lot of ways to help cope with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and all the nutso things that makes one feel nutso.

I’ll put it loosely. I’ve learned that there are no ipso-facto ways to cope with these disorders. Everyone reacts differently in every situation. There’s no magic button that makes everything better. Because – if there was – we wouldn’t be human, and possibly in a universe where the robot overlords have taken full control.

With the help of a certain special coaching group (Ahem.. Coaching for Geeks.. ahem.. Achievement Unlocked course… shameless plug… other throaty noises) that fits my own nerdy like attitude, I’ve started putting together methods that I personally use to help deal with the world. And hey, sharing is caring right? If this content helps just one of you fine peeps out, I’ll be a happy camper.

Who Are You Anyway?

Simply put, I’m just a geeky designer dad that loves the simple things in life. I try to focus on the things that are enjoyable instead of concentrating on all the shitty happenings around me.

Sure I’ve been through some stuff where I could cry and play victim about. Sit here while moping over something with which I have no control.¬†Letting it take over my life like so many out there do. But there’s no fun in that!

For years I was stuck as a designer. Chilling day in and day out in my cubicle while punching away at something I felt wouldn’t push my life further. I was working for a rather reputable book publishing company when my contract finally ended and suddenly smacked in the throat by a seriously life altering situation.

So there I was, jobless, and in a spot where I had to make decisions. Unfortunately, the mindset I was in didn’t help any. I turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism while spiraling further into depression. I was a mess! Everything around me put me on edge, and had me snapping at the most trivial things.

It wasn’t until much later – and in a position I really didn’t want to be in – where I said fuck it. I’m tired of being miserable. It’s time for me to find a way to get to being happy!

I visited many blogs, forums, facebook groups. I saw doctors, and talked to tons of people in similar situations. I read self help books by the ton, and tried all the trendy new methods to find happiness. Eventually I figured out a technique that suits me by stitching together all the little pieces that worked, and throwing away the nonsense that didn’t.

This became the just shrug about it way I use today.

Alright Cool! Sooooo.. What Do I Do Now?!

Well.. Anything you want! You’re your own person. You don’t need me to tell you what to do.

But if you’re looking for ideas, you can start by following me on my social media for fun and new daily content!

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Or you can check out the delightful Coaching for Geeks course I’ve taken to push myself forward. It’s a wonderful community of nerdy sorts helping each other out for the better. Life advancement, personal one on one coaching, dating, and fitness .. It¬†covers it all!